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A Nightmare I am a eight year old boy. My name is Apratim Guha Deb. I would like to share a nightmare that I witnessed a few days ago. That day I returned from my afternoon play with my friends at around 6.00 pm. The day was a Friday with two days of holiday ahead . So I was not asked to start my studies immediately. After having my supper I sat down in front of the TV and saw that the famous Spielberg movie Jurassic Park was going on in one of the channels. I started watching the movie and soon was lost in the thrilling actions of the furious dinosaurs. It was almost 9 pm when the movie ended. I felt sleepy from the day’s activities and took my dinner and went to bed.I do not remember when I felt asleep. I started dreaming very soon. I saw that I was one of the members of a team of scientists flying over a secluded island where several dinosaur were living. We were looking for one of our fellow scientist who was reported to be lost in that island a few weeks ago after a pane crash. We landed our small plane in a level ground in the middle of the island and started moving towards different directions in small groups of two looking for our friend. I was carrying a rifle along with me and was accompanied by my long time friend John who was also carrying a rifle. After walking for around half an hour we were in the middle of dense jungle and suddenly heard a loud scream. The ground started shaking a little bit and soon the huge head with fierce teeth of a giant Tiranoseraus appeared from among the woods. It started running after us and we ran for our lives. John was behind me . I suddenly heard the scream of John and saw that the Tiranoseraus has gobbled up John in his mouth and started eating him. John was dead in no time. I was still running when the Tiranoseraus started to follow me . It was fast approaching me . I could almost hear it breathing heavily

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