A Night in the Graveyard

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It all started on a sunny summer day. Ben, Jill, Edward, Diana and I Katrina were having lemonade in my garden. “What’s so scary in a graveyard?” Ben said. “I bet I can go to one easily. There is no such thing as a ghost.” “I dare you to.” Jill said. “I can do it easily,” Ben said. “But you all will come with me. We’ll stay a whole night.” “We dared you Ben,” I said. “And I’m daring you,” Ben said. “What could happen?” Diana said. “A ghost wouldn’t come out of a grave or something.” I thought about it a little. It was true, a ghost won’t come out. “Ok,” I agreed. “Jill, Edward?” Diana asked. “Are you guys coming?” Jill shrugged. “My parents won’t allow me,” she muttered. “Jill!” Diana said getting irritated. “None of our parents will allow us! We’ll tell them we’re gone for a sleepover.” “But that’s a lie,” Jill said. “Not exactly, I mean we are kind of having a sleepover,” Ben said. “In a graveyard,” Edward added. “It sounds fun.” “Come on Jill,” Diana said. “Nothing will happen.” I didn’t really want to go, but I didn’t want to be the one left out either and let my friends think I was coward. Two days later we were standing in the street ready to go to the graveyard. We had told our parents we were sleeping over at Diana’s house. Diana’s parents thought she is sleeping over at my house. We all walked towards the closest graveyard. Even though it was hot, I was feeling very cold. I guess I really was scared. “This is gonna be so much fun!” Ben said. “Are you not a bit scared?” Jill asked. “What is there to be scared about? There’s no such thing as a ghost.” Ben replied confidently. Now Diana looked a bit scared too. Even Edward was quiet. As we came closer Ben started to look worried too. “Hey Ben, are you scared?” “Huh, me? Off course not!” Ben gave an uncertain laugh. We arrived at the
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