A New Psalm on Poverty Essay

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Confident Plea for Deliverance from Poverty A Psalm of a Poor Child in Distress Answer me O Lord for I am in distress, O Lord Give hears to my sighing. For you’re not a God without ears listen to the voice of your dears. Bosom of my mother are dried to feed me, her tears alone are there to quench my thirst always I smell the sweat in my mothers embrace, Children of rich O Lord never wonder where from they get their next meal. but we yearn like a dog even for a crumb, Alas! My poor mother have none to feed me. Day by day my groaning increases may Your steadfast love strengthen me Everywhere around me I face the individual and collective suffering due to poverty, either it is my fault or the fault of my ancestors. For in You O Lord I find refuge, indeed you note my trouble and grief Good is in your hand, Rise up, O Lord my God, do not forget this oppressed Hear O Lord, in this developing world more than one in three children does not have adequate shelter one in five children does not have access to safe water, one in seven has no access whatsoever to essential health service. Its poverty that drive nations to feed stimulates the science in everything I see the poverty in a selfish man who wants more I see poverty in a literate man who lacks respect for poor I see poverty in a well educated who lacks the modesty. Just like a poison, poverty enter the humanity, causes the high rates of child morbidity and mortality Knowingly, Poverty violates the right to one billions of people threaten children right to live, their right to health, right to receive education learning children vulnerable to exploitation, right to abuse and to violence. Lord God, this is another annoying that lots of people wake up hungry and cold. Over 16% of children under five lost their childhood, preventing them from fulfilling everything and anything. Many with

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