A New Life in Technology Essay

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Michael Shamas Professor Masha Grigoryan English 104 30 March 2015 A New Life in Technology In the new age of life, everyone believes that technology has made life easier and more comfortable and has empowered us to perform tasks that we could perform otherwise. Technology, by definition, is the practical application of knowledge. It is the systematic treatment of art and science. The benefits of technology would be a very long list indeed if written out. It also gives us another form of communication and exchange information that was not available to us previously, information that is both good and bad. Technology is one of the few principals driving our future; it is altering our lives and shaping our future at rates that are extraordinary in the history of our time. Advances in technology range from cell phones and laptops to great macro computers used in the most detrimental ways in life. Now, some people call the current age the "Technological Age" because of society's dependence on technology. Now, in this time of human history, most all goods and services we use rely on technology. Firstly, I believe that technology does necessary make life simpler; rather than making it more difficult. Nowadays, nearly every discussion of “the remarkable power of technology to enhance our lifestyle, indicates the use of the cell phone. Lately, citizens of the United States have implemented these devices to perform an absurd amount of trivial functions in life with a touch of a button. With the technology of smart phones being introduced into the world, has given citizens of our country an even easier way of life as whole because they don’t need to have a laptop to follow up with the social media anymore. The lives of our people in this country cannot be complete without the technology of a phone, so having a phone is like a necessity not a luxury. Secondly,

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