A New Chapter in Life-Junior High Essay

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There is a time in life that many children are scared to step one step closer to their next chapter in life. This is known as Junior high. Junior high is when most kids begin to have rotating classes with different teachers in different parts of the building. It is also a stage when everyone has to have the same clothes and dating begins. Junior high is a period of life when everything begins to change from being in elementary school. As we are all aware, Junior high is a big change for many. This is the time when you begin to move around during the day, going from class to class like the “big kids.” Those times when you hated having a desk and now everything you need is stored in a locker. I remember back to my first day of Junior high, I was just as excited as I was nervous. As I stood there thinking to myself, “How would I get back to my locker from one class and get to another without being late?” Needless to say, you didn’t need to worry, you had plenty of time. Junior high was a time when you called your friends the night before, to ask them what they were going to wear the next day. No one wanted to be the odd one out of their group. It seems like just yesterday I was in junior high. All the little things you remember. If you didn’t have Nike shox, side bangs, or live strong bracelets you were not cool. This was a true statement in my school. You had to have all the “cool” stuff like the upper classmen. The awkward stages of dating begin in Junior high. The eras were everyone had to have a lover to hang out with on Friday nights. Seemed like it didn’t even matter if you liked them or not. It was to say you were cool and had a lover. The year when going to a dance with your lover was the thing, but you wouldn’t do a single dance with them. “Ewww...that’s nasty im not dancing,” was often said. Usually the relationships didn’t last

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