A New Age In Education Essay

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951218124 WR121-Haight 3 February 2012 Essay 1 What Would the World be Like Today? Technology plays a critical role in education today because of the numerous ways it provides us with knowledge needed in everyday life. The internet and computer technology have revolutionized all ascpects of education. Technology plays an important role in schools that one should not ignore. With the addition of computers to an education system, it has made it signifcantly easier for students to grasp the information being taught to them. For example, professions in the medical field require one to prove oneself in the classroom as well as to stay on pace with the current technology and information that is being discovered all around the world. Today, technology enables us to reach out and spread life-altering discoveries globaly through the way we interact with one another. Some may argue that having an education is not necessary in todays world, but anyone in their right mind would disagree with that. The technology of computers adds an entertaining element to education, which is more appealing to students. Computers offer a hands-on, audio-visual media software as well as programs such as Powerpoint that can be used to distribute information to students in a collective and intriguing manner. In addition, these softwares serve as visual aids to not only teachers in grade school, but to those at the college level. Screens and overhead projectors simplify viewing information for a large number of students, leading to improve the attendance and attentiveness in class. Interactive media has been considerably beneficial for students, it also highlights the importance of computer teaching against textbooks. Computer education has been embedded in not only the school systems but in the way one studies as well. Considering the number of applications in computer

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