A Naturalist Lesson Plan in Science

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A Naturalist Lesson Plan in Science I. Lesson Plan for Science 3 (Planets and Stars) Objectives: • Students will be able to identify five characteristics of planets and stars (each) that are different from one another. • Students will be able to identify five characteristics that are similar between planets and stars. Procedures: 1. Explore prior knowledge – Give each student a “Compare and Contrast Planets and Stars” worksheet. Ask them each to fill out the worksheet independently for 5 -7 minutes. They should write down as many characteristics as they can in each of the columns on the worksheet. (worksheet attached) 2. Cooperative sharing – Separate students into groups of 2 or 3. Students should share their answers with the other members of their groups. Students should add any new information that they learned from another group member to their worksheet. 3. Determine student confidence with prior knowledge – By looking at the groups’ worksheets, determine the approximate number of correct answers they have listed in each column. 4. Create a master Compare and Contrast worksheet – Have each group report their answers to the class. Record all correct characteristics on the master. Have students include all of the class answers on their worksheet. Assessment: • Students will independently fill out the assessment worksheet. (worksheet attached) (Modification/ Accommodations: If students struggle with coming up with 5 characteristics, allow them to reference books or the Internet.) II. This Science lesson plan is Naturalistic in nature because it contains activities that can be independently done by the students, the activities are based on their prior knowledge and all types of learner can answer it. Through these activities, the teacher taught the lesson by just assessing what the students know. The teacher will

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