A Nation at Risk Essay

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A Nation at Risk A Nation at Risk: The Imperative For Educational Reform is the title of the 1983 report of president Ronald Reagan's National Commission on Excellence in Education. President Reagan said schools were not up to par and that our educational system was in a crisis caused by low standards, lack of purpose, and a failure to strive for excellence. The commission wanted to restore the quality of education by increasing competition and by strengthening parental choice and local control. The report commissioned by the Department of Education said the poor quality of America’s schools was placing the nation itself at risk. This report contributed to the growing and still present idea that American schools are failing. During the 1980s our economy was changing. Global competitiveness of the auto industry and the productivity in general of the U.S. had sunk. Most people began blaming the public school system, and claimed that the mediocrity of education was a threat to society. A Nation at Risk recommended a higher standard for graduation. This required more courses in traditional subjects and adding a new course in computer sciences, along with longer days in the school year. The federal education department because shifting back from the reform and putting the burden of these problems on individual states to remedy for themselves. The push for higher education standards in each state led to more demand from students, and resulted in an era of high stakes testing. Eventually all states were on board with suspending students with grades below a C average. These students were not able to participate in extra curricular activities. These schools also began requiring more homework. While this educational reform by individual states made a difference, many say that true educational excellence will never be achieved until all American students have the
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