A Murder Mystery Essay

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Name: Russell Chee Class: 5 Gentleness Word Count: 2183 words (Oh dear) Mystery Story - Murder of Sir Bradley Mister Shane put his documents on the table, sat down in his chair, and sighed with satisfaction. “Another tiring but satisfying case,” he said to himself. Having tired out his mind, Mr. Shane was about to fall asleep when the shrill ring of his cell phone sounded. He immediately woke up and answered, “Hello?” “I will need your assistance. Please come to 3 Themis Avenue, Bradford, England.” The person on the other line said hurriedly, voice muffled by bad phone reception. “You need assistance with what exactly?” Mr. Shane inquired, but the person on the other line had already hung up. He thought about it for a short while and decided he would go. He changed into a plain brown shirt, tucked in his magnifying glass and slotted his phone and wallet into two pockets. He then went out of the house, called for a taxi and headed to the venue mentioned. When he arrived at the house, he immediately headed for the entrance. He knocked once lightly and the woman that came to see him looked like she was about to burst into tears. “My husband, he…he is dead!” “And who might your husband be exactly?” Mr. Shane asked calmly. “Sir Edward Bradley, third son of the late Duke Thomas Bradley.” She said in between her sobs. There was a brief silence as Mr. Shane thought about this. He thoughtfully stepped into the Bradley mansion to look around for evidence. He also consoled Madam Bradley, “I am very sorry about the death of your husband. Are there any people that have a motive to commit this crime?” She thought for a while, before answering, “No.” “Well, what about people close to him?” Mr. Shane continued probing Madam Claudia Bradley to get more information about her late husband. He asked this as people close to the victim would have many opportunities to

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