A Mother's Fluence Essay

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A Mothers Influence The Positive Impact Committee conducted a survey in 2004 on how many Americans have a positive impact in their lives, statistics revealed that out of a thousand people, 85% agreed that their mother was the positive person in their life. When I was presented with this question, I thought about it for a few seconds and without any doubts I came to the conclusion that my mother, Gertrude Mack was that person of interest. I still follow and hold her morals and values that she instilled in me close to my heart, even after her death. My mother was dedicated, generous, and honest. Gertrude was a dedicate mother who reared six children by herself. She always did what she could to get the things we needed and some of the things we wanted. Even though, she was a single mom, she did the best she could to make the situation better. I remember in high school, when I was on the basketball team, my mother would attend all my games. When I got nervous she would look at me and smile. I knew that when she smiled everything was going to be all right. She was my ace in the hole; I felt secure in her present. I realize now that she dedicated her life to making our lives comfortable. My mother was the most kind-hearted person I knew and that you could have ever met. She was never a stranger to anyone and never turned a stranger away. Everybody who met her instantly feel in love. If you counted all the kids in the neighborhood who called her mom, she had 50 or more children. For example, one night my sister brought a homeless teenage girl home with her; she introduced my mother and the homeless girl to each other. When my mom learned of the girl situation, she didn’t ask any question, she told the young girl to go find her a place to sleep. When the girl woke up there was a place waiting for her at the table when it was time to eat breakfast. My mom made the

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