A Mormon Pioneer in Utah Essay

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A Mormon pioneer in Utah Karla Flores HIS/110 October 20, 2013 Robert Effler A Mormon pioneer in Utah The hardest times of a Mormon’s life have been the discrimination coming from others. Who without the most minimal knowledge of who I am, they feel free to discriminate, judge, and even kill my fellow Mormon believers. My life has been hard trying to find a place to settle where the Federal government and its citizens would accept us; not because of our beliefs but because of who we are. A brief description of what my life has been before a group of Mormon religious people, and I settled in this land Utah (Salt Lake City). For a long period of time my people and I, trying to get away from religious persecution we encounter with a city named Nauvoo. We arrived to this place with the help of the founder of our church, (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) his name was Joseph Smith (Schultz, 2012). Before we came across this town our people settled in different places. Some of these places after some time of us staying there, and becoming prosperous, the people became hostile with our presence. Because of our ways of living, yes they are different but that is what we believe in, it was what triggered their reaction toward us. In my personal opinion, it was because of the power acquired by our founder throughout these five years of us residing in Nauvoo. Unfortunately, Mr. Smith was killed in a jail cell along with his brother Hyrum (Schultz, 2012). From there on, living in that city was unbearable, painful, and soul destroyable. A war called “the Mormon war of Illinois” arisen, and us with no other choice left that town. With the faith of our new leader Brigham Young, we had begun a new journey, finding a new place to settle down one more time. This place would become our new home; a place called Salt Lake City. The group of settlers who left

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