A More Perfect Union

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A More Perfect Union. By Barack Obama. Step 4: Chunks 1. 220 years ago different classes made the declaration of independence. 2. Document stained by sin of slavery. 3. Final resolution to future generations. 4. Equal citizenship under the law. 5. Words not enough to deliver slaves from bondages. 6. Campaign is a march of a more equal, more free and prosperous America. 7. Son of a black men and white mother. 8. Been in the best schools and the poorest nation in the world. 9. Not most convectional candidate. 10. Country is hungry for message of unity. 11. Campaign has turned divisive. 12. Comments from Reverend denigrating. 13. Comments are distorted. 14. Author would act just like the media if didn’t know reverend. 15. Reverend help author real Christian behavior. 16. Experience in church relates to the stories from bible. 17. Church embodies different people. 18. Reverent like family to author. 19. Attempt to justify. 20. Race is not an issue that nation couldn’t afford to ignore. 21. Comments reflect complexities of race issue. 22. Issues in black…show more content…
The constitution had equal citizenship under the law yet the words on a parchment were not enough to deliver slaves from bondages. His presidential campaign is a march he quotes is based in a more equal, more free more caring and a more prosperous America. His background he admits doesn’t make him a convectional candidate, and now with the comments of his Pastor his campaign has turned divisive. The comment of Reverend Jeremiah Wright he quotes denigrates the goodness and greatness of this country and he asserts is a distorted view of the

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