A Moral Obligation Essay

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Michaela Wagner English 101 September 23, 2013 A Moral Obligation It is every parents hope that they can be successful in raising morally sound children. Think about this; an elementary school student is being bullied out on the playground; your child witnesses the encounter and decides to intervene. He states to the bully that enough is enough and that he has gone too far. He then walks away with the bullied student. The bully is humiliated and makes a decision to never bully again, and the child being bullied has a new friend. Most parents or guardians want their children to be the ones who step up in situations like these, to put a stop to any wrong- doing and to stick up for what they have been taught. But how can parents or guardians be effective in raising children with a strong sense of morals? There are daily opportunities for a parent or guardian to teach a child morals and values. It is absolutely impossible for children to learn what is ethically acceptable unless their caretakers are continually teaching them and practicing these values with them. There are so many values that are important to most people. Honesty, kindness, respect and forgiveness are only a few examples of necessary morals that children need to grasp and understand at a young age. It can be frustrating for a parent when it comes to teaching their child ethics. It is a learning process that, unlike potty training or learning the alphabet, can takes many years. It is a lifetime of learning experiences, trial and error, and social reactions that added together, equal a balanced and successful set of morals and values. There are many ways for parents to inject lessons and disciplinary actions to encourage morally acceptable behavior. At the park, where a little boy is throwing sand at someone, at the store where someone put something unpaid for in their pockets, or even at church
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