A Moral Dilemma Essay

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Sikumi A moral Dilemma Aimee Wyble New England College I believe the main idea of this video is how Apuna has a moral dilemma. He is a hunter in the Arctic in Alaska. While taking his dog sled across the Arctic Ocean, He was a witness to a brutal murder between friends and fellow villagers. Apuna saw the stabbing shot off a warning shoot and headed in the direction of the fallen man. When he realizes it his friend Taqi, he tries to save him.Tagi Tell his it was Migu. They were fighting because Migu was drinking and he stole Taqi radio. He call after Migu to find out why he did this. He was pondering what the right thing to do Should he tell his village or should he help cover up this crime in order to save his village the heartache that someone from their community could do such a heinous thing to a fellow villagers. How do you choose who should be fatherless? They were both fathers, so no matter the choice the kids are going to suffer. Tagi son will never have his father again. If Apuna helps cover this up he will never know what happen to his father. On the Other Hand Migu Son will lose his father to prison because of this horrible and senseless act. Even though Migu was being selfish at first and not wanting to give himself up. Apuna had talked with him and got him to realize that it could do more damage if they didn’t. In the end they had brought Taqi back to their village so Taqi could have a proper funeral and the authorities could take Miqu. I totally agree that Apuna had a dilemma whether or not to be true to himself and or his community. I think he made the right choice in choosing to be a better person and helping his fellow friend to make the right

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