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In Jonathan Swift’s satire, “A Modest Proposal” (1729), Swift makes a wild and far-fetched proposal to the people of Ireland to eat the young of the poor people. He proposes several reasons for this solution to the problem of an over-abundance of poor people living on the streets of Ireland. However, it is the opinion of the author of this review that Jonathan Swift did not successfully answer the question of how to pay for the rearing of the children. Therefore the argument is not truly effective. At the same time, it is in this authors opinion that the solution given within the proposal was not in fact meant to be an actual answer to the problem, instead it was a call to arms for the people of Ireland to begin thinking about the growing problem of the poor, and to perhaps come up with some answers to the problem at hand. The solution itself is not that persuasive, however the emotional reaction to the solution itself is persuasive; therefore overall I believe the proposal served its purpose well. The target audience of the essay is the people of Ireland, and it seems that there is a glaring propensity within the essay to speak directly to the rich and well off citizens as a whole. The overall response to the essay was probably one of shock at first, however once the initial shock value wore off I would assume that many of them began to look closer at the problems facing the

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