A Modest Proposal Essay

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In the story “A Modest Proposal”, Jonathan Swift creates a narrator that proposes a potential solution to end child poverty and starvation in Ireland. Through the use of specific elements of craft, Swift conveys his message through diction and development of character to portray the responsibility of the British Elite to make positive change within Ireland. Swift uses diction to grab the readers attention through descriptive language of the narrators disturbing proposition and development of character to demonstrate to the British Elite how they are neglecting their responsibilities in Ireland and essentially are the realistic version of the narrator. Throughout “A Modest Proposal” Swift consistently uses the element of diction to capture the attention of the reader. Through descriptive language of the narrators proposal to end child poverty and starvation, the narrator is putting the reader into utter disgust and shock due to what appears to be an inhumane solution to nation wide problem. The effect of doing this is that Swift has created an antagonist in the perception of the reader making them not only disagree but disgusted with everything the narrator is proposing. Swift uses the element development of character to portray the narrators profound proposition to the reader. The British Elite are failing to withhold their responsibilities in Ireland causing child poverty and starvation of the Irish people. Swift uses development of character to show the development of not the narrator himself but the reader. The narrator demonstrates to the British Elite exactly the kind of tragedy they are causing Ireland using his proposition to what first appears as an inhumane solution to a national problem but in reality is just a mere reflection of the actions of the British Elite themselves. In conclusion, Jonathan Swift created a narrator in “A Modest Proposal”

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