A Modest Proposal

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In the piece, A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift, he wants to change Ireland’s poor reputation caused by children from poor families. Children from poor families do not get enough food or clothing that they result to stealing or they sell themself to Barbadoes. To change that situation around, Swift proposed an idea. Instead of letting the children become “pain” to their families and growing up being a negative influence towards the world, you should sell them as food in return for 8 shillings or so. However, this piece is satire. In the beginning, Swift addresses that he does not side with abortion because it is a “horrid practice of women murdering their bastard children” but he would rather sell them to become food on a dinner table. It is the same thing actually. Both of the ways end in death for the child. Swift also remarked that thrifty people can skin the child and use it for gloves or boots. But why have a piece of clothing made from a child’s skin when you have your own? Like gloves, you would be wearing skin over skin and that does not make any sense. Swift’s “humbly” idea is ridiculous. He states a claim and uses examples to support it but he also talks about what he doesn’t encourage which also relates to his proposal. The piece sought out both good and bad points about Swift’s idea but it seems like Swift did not notice. He was busy trying to make his idea sound acceptable and for his personality to come off genuine that, he trailed off and countered his point several times. As affect, it made this piece

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