A Modest Proposal

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David Kim English 111 09/20/2013 Analytical Summary Essay: “A Modest Proposal” In “A Modest Proposal” written by Jonathan Swift begins with how Ireland is in the middle of poverty due to economic struggles, and overpopulation. Many of the people who live in Ireland are the families of the poor where many children’s are starving. Swift was getting frustrated how he visual the common sight of women and children begging for food. Especially where Ireland is facing an economic meltdown, overpopulated, and lastly increased unemployment rate. Swift made a suggestion of how to take advantage of children’s to benefit the economy and the country. His proposal was is to fatten up the starving children and sell them to the rich land owners where they can be eaten. That it will solve the overpopulation and unemployment issue by saving the poor families expense. Swift anticipates that practicing of selling and eating children will have positive effects on family moral like husband treating their wives with more respect, and while the parents value their children will be unknown. Swift concludes that this project is the answer for the countries poverty that will solve the weak economic state, overpopulation, and the unemployment rate. One of the voices strategies that Swift used in the story was sarcasm. In the first paragraph where Swift attempted to thrown of his readers where he specifically used the vocabulary “melancholy” sight where he sees the beggars and their children’s on the street. So this sarcastic paradox in this statement is whether it is a melancholy sight for him, even though seeing the homeless every day, or for the beggar’s lifestyle? The way Swift used sarcasm was brilliant because upon reading the first time, the readers assume that Swift is a compassionate person and writer who attempted to feel the pain of the beggars. But as the story continues,

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