A Modest Proposal Essay

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In Jonathan Swift’s work ‘A modest proposal ‘he speaks about the terrible conditions that his homeland of Ireland is in due to being under British rule. At the beginning of the text he gives the vision of what life in Ireland is like with women and their children having to beg in the streets in order to get food. He makes a point to say that if there was a way to turn the children into more substantial members of society would be helping the country. Swift’s intention in his particular plan for the country is to help those whose parents are too poor to fully support them. His plan he believes will lower the number of abortions since with his plan parents wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to support their own children. Swift also uses statistics in order to present additional information about Irish children being born and the difficulties that the parents of these children go through. Due to the struggles that Irish families go through, Swift comes up with a plan of his own to “help”. In Swift’s plan out of the 120,000 children born each year he said that 20,000 of them should be used in order to reproduce and keep the population growing. The other 100,000 however he states should be “fattened up” and sold as food. He goes into further detail saying that children would be sold to the wealthy land owners of Ireland. He also says that they have already devoured the parents of the children, meaning that they have taken everything and left the parents of the children with nothing. He also later goes on to talk about how selling the children as meat would benefit both the mothers and the people who eat the meat. He backs his plan by stating that everyone is dying off already with the lack of food so the consumption of children will not have an enormous effect. Swift also thinks that his plan will reduce the number of Catholic’s; Catholics usually made up the

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