A Midwife's Tale Analysis

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Enrique Garduno Meg Gudgeirsson History 17A October 16, 2013 A Midwife’s Tale In the 18th Century a women name Martha Ballard was living with her husband, Ephraim. They both moved to Hallowell, Maine where Martha lived through chaotic decades and the American Revolution. Ballard would write on her dairy about the things she did and happen in her life everyday. During the 20th Century Laurel Thatcher Ulrich did research and wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning book, and soon filmed a movie based on Ulrich book about the 18th Century in Ballard eyes. In 1785, Martha Ballard was 50 years old; she was a mother, midwife and a healer. They moved to Hallowell, Maine where she spent her rest of her life being a midwife, taking care of her own children…show more content…
Ulrich used Ballad’s diary to open Ballad’s life to light so everyone could know. On the film they showed her doing all the cleaning at her home and going out the garden to plant. Also when Ballard was at Mrs. Howard’s home watching and taking care her son because the boy was ill and needed medication. The film opened my eyes because Mrs. Ballard did everything to take care of her own children and struggled through her life, living through the chaotic decades and the American Revolution. Also that the Historian Laurel T. Ulrich spent eight years going through research about Martha Ballard’s diary and making her life light up to show everyone what a women went thought in the 18th Century. A midwife’s tale interacted with two people, Martha Ballard task that was a wife, mother, and a healer that helped people with sickness and birth. Also Laurel T. Ulrich who was a Historian doing eight years of research and bringing out Ballard’s life using the diary the Ballard wrote everyday during the 18th Century to write a Pulitzer Prize-winning book and writing a movie about Martha Ballard, a
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