A Midsummer Night'S Dream Summary

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Summary Act 1 Scene 1 Theseus, the duke of Athens is preparing a large city festival to mark his upcoming marriage to Hippolyta. Hermia enters the stage with her father, Egeus. Hermia loves a man named Lysander, but her father wants her to marry Demetrius instead. Egeus begs Theseus for the Athenian right to make his daughter marry Demetrius or to kill her. Theseus offers Hermia 2 options, either to marry Demetrius or to join the nunnery. He then departs with other men, leaving Hermia and Lysander behind on stage. Lysander convinced Hermia to sneak into the woods, so they can get married at his aunt’s house far from Athens. Helena arrives and explained that Demetrius only had hearts for Hermia, instead of herself. Lysander and Hermia insisted to Helena to not to worry. In the end of the scene Helena decided to tell Demetrius of Hermia’s plans. Act 1 Scene 2 The assembled artisans gather and Peter Quince hands out the play they want to perform at the duke’s wedding. They decided to meet in the woods outside the city the next night to rehearse for the play. Act 2 Scene 1 Robin Goodfellow (Puck) meets a fairy who serves Titania. Puck informs the fairy that it is better for Oberon and Titania to not met, since they only conflict with each other. Oberon and Titania appears on stage followed by there followers (Puck and the fairy), and almost immediately begin to argue. Titania had stolen a young Indian boy whom she spends her time to care for. Oberon show jealousy of Titania’s attention to the boy and demands the boy to be given to him, an offer Titania rejects. Oberon became angry of Titania after the argument and swears to get revenge on her. He sends puck to fetch some pansies, the juice of which is supposed to make a person love the first thing he or she sees upon waking up. The plan was to use the pansy on Titania, so she could fall

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