A Midsummer Night's Dream Essay

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In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare, the Renaissance traditions that love blossoms at first sight are portrayed often. Many times the characters in the story fall in love. The love-in-idleness flower further symbolizes the idea that love is with the eyes. The inclusion of the fairies also allows for more examples of love at first sight and its inconsistency. The love-in-idleness flower is the best example of the Renaissance traditions of love. When Puck is ordered to retrieve the flower and put the juice into Demetrius’ eyes, he mistakenly puts it into Lysander’s instead. Lysander then wakes up and falls in love with Helena at first sight. His love immediately switches from Hermia to Helena, showing the inconsistency and ever-changing nature of love. Then the flower juice is put in Demetrius’ eyes and love changes again at first sight. The love-in-idleness flower is a powerful symbol of love’s characteristics. When Bottom’s head is changed into that of a donkey, his experiences show once again the ideas of love at first sight and love’s changing nature. Oberon orders Puck to put the love-in-idleness flower into Titania’s eyes. The Renaissance idea that love is comparable to war is shown strongly here. Oberon uses love to manipulate Titania and get the Indian boy. Puck changes Bottom’s head to that of an ass and Titania falls in love with him. Love can make people fall in love with the oddest things. After the spell is removed, Titania is shocked that she was ever in love with Bottom. The ass head shows how love can make people do strange things. After Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with Helena, they all run off; Demetrius and Lysander are preparing to duel and Helena and Hermia are angry at each other. Here love is causing an actual war between the lovers. Love can also turn friends into enemies. Hermia and Helena used to be friends and

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