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A Message To Garcia “A Message To Garcia” was a story that dated back to the Spanish-American war of 1899. The story tells of a messenger named Roman whom was tasked with taking a letter to another soldier named Garcia. The general knew that Roman was the man for the job because he was very loyal and instantly and willingly obeyed orders without question. Rowan lived up to the Generals expectations. Rowan traveled four days by boat to Cuba and once he reached Cuba he traveled three weeks through the jungles of Cuba. Rowan was extremely dedicated to finding General Garcia. It turned out that Garcia was dead all along but Rowan found other Garcias. The story then goes on to talk about how no one has the willingness and obedience to order in todays world as Rowan had in the war. There are many examples of how ordinary office workers of today would ask a million questions or give a handful of excuses when given an assigned task such as Rowans. The book then basically talks about how so many people are looking for opportunities and jobs but no one is willing to put in the dedication shown by Rowan during the war. I have learned many things from this book. The book basically tells you what employers…show more content…
They look for instant obedience to orders. Marines are trained to follow orders in garrison so that when the time comes for them to follow orders in combat, they will without hesitation. Rowan is the model soldier. It took him three and a half weeks to find Garcia whom was dead the whole time. Even though Garcia was dead, Rowan still completed his mission without question. This goes to show that following orders is extremely simple. You do not have to ask a ton of questions to complete it. You can do any task just by following the order exactly how it was given and that’s exactly what Rowan did and that’s exactly what the Marine Corps is looking

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