A Man for All Seasons Essay

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A Man for All Seasons A Man for All Seasons is a play that was written by Robert Bolt. It was written in England in 1960. The play takes place during the 1530’s right before the beginning of the Reformation, and is based on the actual events that took place in English history. In A Man for all Seasons, Thomas More, one of the main characters, rejected compromising with others, which eventually led to his execution by King Henry VIII. Bolt’s belief that we are compromised by the world we inhabit is clearly shown in A Man for All Seasons. This belief is shown through Matthew, Richard, and King Henry VIII. Throughout the play, Matthew is played by the Common Man, who represented all of humanity. Matthew showed his compromising in many ways. One way was when he decided to tell Cromwell, Rich, and Chapuys information about More. Although Matthew is one of More’s workers, he decided to turn against More and work with Cromwell, Rich, and Chapuys. More previously told Matthew how much he likes and respects him, but that did not have any influence on Matthew’s decision. The information that was told by Matthew was very well known about Thomas More, but since the group agreed to pay Matthew for the information, they gave the money to him anyway. Although Rich was involved in Matthew’s compromise, Richard also made a compromise with someone. Rich represented a person’s tendency to give in to the lure of status and wealth. In one of the scenes in A Man for All Seasons, Rich met up with Cromwell and discussed different ways to get back at More. At this meeting, Rich decided to tell Cromwell about the specific bribe that More had received. More knew all of Rich’s flaws since they first met, and tested Rich all of the time. That is why Rich decided to turn against More and betray his trust by compromising with Cromwell. There was also another compromise

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