A Man For All Seasons Essay

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A Man For All Seasons Preface 1) Henry’s dilemma at the outset of the play is that he wants to end his marriage with Catherine on the grounds of Catherine being his brother’s widow. 2) Robert Bolt was attracted to Thomas More as a subject for his play because Thomas More was great at everything he did. He was an excellent scholar, lawyer, ambassador and finally Lord Chancellor. All these positions gain him respect among all the kingdom of England, especially the King. Robert Bolt thought that Thomas More would be a good subject for his play based on all these factors. 3) The common man is the narrator of the play; he also plays different characters in the play. He is an adaption of the German playwright, Bertolt Brecht’s alienation technique which is intended to distance the audience from the action on the stage. While the common man plays a variety of characters, Robert Bolt has developed him as though he were a single character and as someone who looks out for himself first. Scene 1 1) a) [“Bless you too Matthew”] – More is demonstrating being tolerant when he says this. b) [“Good food & Wine”] – More is demonstrating hospitality when he says this. c) [“It seems very well phrased”] – More is being diplomatic 2) When Richard Rich says “exactly your grace” & also when Rich is laughing for “a fraction to long” these both show that Rich feel awkward at Mores house. Rich is agreeing with everything that More is saying so that he has a chance of getting a job. 3) When Rich said that “Every man has his price” this showed that Rich believed that anyone can be bribed. An example of Rich’s behaviour that illustrates his belief in this ‘aphorism’ is when More offers Rich the silver cup and Rich still takes it knowing that

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