A Man For All Seasons Essay

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Court Wallner Nov. 20, 2006 English 3 Ms. Smith Evil is something that exists throughout the world no matter what. It can be expressed in many different ways but the best way it can be defined is something that is morally wrong or something that is harmful or injurious. In the play, A Man For All Seasons, by Robert Bolt, and in the epic, Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel, evil is a major factor that exists. Although an evil presence is coexisting in each story, it is expressed in two different ways because of the two different time periods. In Anglo-Saxon times, evil was seen as a living force that attacks and murders humanity and in Renaissance England, evil was viewed as a matter of conscience. In both stories evil can be expressed as something that is contradicting whatever is considered as the authoritative figure in the land. Evil can also be expressed as whatever the heroic figure in each story is set out to kill or be killed by. And lastly, evil can be analyzed as whatever God states is worthy of being evil. It is a constant theme within the two stories and it is highly regarded as something that must be eradicated as soon as possible because of the danger that it puts different people in.

 The conscience of each individual in, A Man For All Seasons, is the most important thing to ones values. The conscience of the main characters, Thomas More and King Henry VIII are what is considered evil in the story. King Henry VIII is faced with a dilemma that consists of his wife, Catherine who is unable to bear an heir to the throne. As a result of this, Henry decides that he wants to divorce Catherine and remarry a woman worthy of bearing his son. In the story, it is very important to Henry that others think of him as a moral person, and he therefore cares greatly about what Thomas More, a very moral man, has to say and think about him. Henry,

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