A Love Supreme Essay

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A Love Supreme After listening to A Love Supreme by John Coltrane, the first thing that I recognized that it was jazz. At first it seemed to be a little relaxing but after a while all of the different instruments gave me a headache. I got the feeling that it was some sort of love song but not really sure. The music seems to be very intense and interesting. More towards the end it was very low and kind of sad and the message that I then got was sorrow. Then finally the music comes back in and it is really relaxing, spiritual and captures my full attention. Over all it was very interesting and I enjoyed it because I have never listened to any of his work. John Coltrane intentions for A Love Supreme were spiritual. A Love Supreme is divided into four parts which is as follows; Acknowledgement, Resolution, Pursuance, and finally Psalm. Overall I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be introduced to something that is so compelling. However now I plan to venture out and experience something a little different from time to time even though my love for music has changed. John Coltrane struggle with addiction inspired him to write A Love Supreme. A Love Supreme was the best of John Coltrane work. This song is a model for the struggles that in endured throughout his life, and also a gift to his son. I would consider this to be a spiritual awaking for John. A love Supreme was his road to recovery from his addiction to

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