A Love of All Loves Essay

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A LOVE OF ALL LOVES I recall waddling through the parking lot of the Memorial Hospital, breathing in the hot and humid Savannah air. These would be my final moments as a soon to be mother. It was a long ten months of hauling around with me this enormous belly and constant back pain. In a matter of hours I would be holding the most significant thing in my life, my daughter. When I first discovered I was pregnant, it was like time just stopped. The world around me froze and became a haze as I held the test in my hands. My breaths grew shorter and a torrent of emotions just consumed me all at once. Also came the question of my readiness to be a parent. I mean I know how to tend to children. My mother had a daycare in our home, I have two siblings, five Godchildren and I had a nephew. The thought of having a child full-time would be the challenge; all the others always went back to their parents. Clearing my mind and accepting my future was more difficult than I realized. Looking on the brighter side of becoming a parent, the joy of being the center someone’s world, and knowing I would never again be alone brought me to delight. Then I thought about how much fun I was going to have shopping and preparing for the arrival. I had so many things to do in what felt like such a long time but really wasn’t. How does one know when they are ready? I guess no one can be full prepared for this. Of course all the material necessities are purchased, the nursery is decorated, and everything is sanitized, but how do you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the future, especially knowing that you are going to be a single parent? As I sat in the maternity lobby area waiting for my room to be ready, I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for myself. Here I was a twenty –four year old soon-to-be-mom all alone. No one’s hand to

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