A Loss of Experience

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Walker Percy’s “The Loss of Creature” demonstrates an idea of perspective in a philosophical sense that explains if a person truly wants to experience a moment that moment must be experienced personally and not through the perspective of someone else, such as a guide in The Grand Canyon. It is through this guide that Percy argues people experience a loss of sovereignty through the loss of personal experience. This essay also emphasizes that perspective directly affects changes through examples such as the student versus the Falkiand islander who dissect a dogfish and the effects of their environment that change their experience. This concept is also seen in Lawrence Kasdan’s film The Grand Canyon that displays the lives of characters that descend from different racial backgrounds and how their interactions affects changes for the people around them. These two separate pieces merge in their central ideas of how human nature leads us into “experiencing” moments with “learnt assumptions” as described by John Berger in “Ways of Seeing.” “The Loss of the Creature” articulates a philosophical sense of perspective through a loss of sovereignty of which is complimented by The Grand Canyon which demonstrates affected changes through perspective and “Ways of seeing” by John Berger who further contributes to Percy’s philosophy with his own philosophy of “learnt assumptions.” Throughout Percy’s essay he speaks about a loss of sovereignty and explains through his example of the couple traveling through Mexico how that sovereignty is lost, which is demonstrated in a similar concept relating to Mac (the immigration lawyer in The Grand Canyon) who encounters people of a different race which should be familiar to him however in a certain scene this poses as a problem for him. Percy uses an example of a couple that travels through Mexico and accidentally stumbles upon an
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