A Look at the Jim Crow Laws Essay

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Abstract Jim Crow Laws affected blacks all over the United States from 1876 to 1965. Jim Crow Laws stated that blacks were separate but equal. Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system effecting the blacks during this time.Stetson Kennedy, the author of Jim Crow Guide, offered these simple rules that Blacks were supposed to observe in conversing with Whites: Never assert or even intimate that a White person is lying. Never impute dishonorable intentions to a White person. Never suggest that a White person is from an inferior class. Never lay claim to, or overly demonstrate, superior knowledge or intelligence. Never curse a White person. Never laugh derisively at a White person. Never comment upon the appearance of a White female. Jim Crow Laws Jim Crow Laws affected blacks all over the United States from 1876 to 1965. The laws say that the blacks "are separate but equal". This means that african Americans were treated equally in some ways but they had to be separated from whites in Diners, Bathrooms, stores, and movie theaters and countless other places. Many times the facilities for the black people were not as nice as the facilities made for the white people. Jim Crow Laws took place mainly in the southern states and the states that bordered them. If you were African American or Mexican and you decided to to drink out of a water fountain made for white people you could be put in jail or even loose your life by being beaten to death. Early in the 1950's a group called The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People thought it was not right for colored people to sit separate from White people in trains and on buses. They took this matter to the Supreme Court and two years later it was ruled unconstitutional.States such as Alabama and Mississippi abided by their own rules and disregarded that blacks would be treated equally.

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