A Long Way Gone Response Essay

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Stephen Johnson FYS 11 September 2012 A long way gone, by Ishmael bay is a story of a young boy solder who finds a way to escape war and try to bring peace to people in need of reassurance and comfort. The protagonist of the novel is about the young author who grew up in Mogbwemo, a small town in Sierra Leone which has been corrupted by chaos and destruction. Ishmael bay is a young man with a lot of talent and heart but is naïve to the world around him. A long way gone reveals his becoming of a man and losing his innocence at such a young age the outcome has a pivotal effect on his life many years after 0the war and his entire adulthood. Ishmael bay had many significant turning points and moments in his life, but the two that were the most impactful and greatest outcome were rap and the witnessing of people being crucified right before his own eyes. Rap music transformed Ishmael’s life in so many ways from giving him a new perception of the world to making him become more disciplined of a man. When he was a young man he was introduced to “sugar hill gang’s, ‘Rappers delight.’” He, his brother and his friends were all astonished by the new type of music they heard. Seeing other colored people on TV performing this type of music and introducing them to another culture fascinated them, and inspired them to want to become rappers themselves. Ever since that they all they began doing was studying hip hop and rap and learning all about the American culture. “Can you even understand what you’re saying?” was the questions Ishmaels father amusingly began to ask his sons and they’re friends. Rap music and hip hop brought a whole new culture to them and was such a motivational factor they began to learn English but they were also able to fit in the mainstream society of the United States while living in Africa. Another moment that transformed his life in a

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