A Long Way Gone - Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

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Although Ishmael still appears to be struggling with coping with the war and losing his family, he appears to be making many positive signs of “getting better”. Even though he had been in struggling during his first couple of weeks at the rehab center, with the help of a nurse and other’s who genuinely cared about Ishmael and the other boys well being, and recover, Ishmael slowly begins to take a turn for the better. Ishmael, a strong young man who was forced to grow up way before he should have been, had been having problems coping with what was going on, from lack of drugs, sudden affection from “modern-day-civillians”, and the desire to go back to the war. With short check ups from Esther, Ishmael began feeling as if he might be able to open up to her. Esther didn’t do what most people would expect, and hound Ishmael for the things that he’s done, but instead to encourage him. “I am your nurse and that’s all. If you want to be friends with me, you will have to ask me and I will have to trust you first”, she said. I smile, because I was thinking the same thing.”(153) With Esther being straightforward with Ishmael, it gave him a sense of trust that he could relate to her. After more visits to Esther, Ishmael began to open up and tell her about his constant migraines, and nightmare from the war. During this time he was suffering extreme “PDS” (post dramatic stress disorder) and started to believe that blood was coming from the water faucets. But with more check ups, they continued to grow a bond that was crucial to Ishmael’s recovery. She started to buy him gifts that she knew he would appreciate. “When I unwrapped it, I jumped up and hugged her, but immediately held back my happiness.” (154) Even though Ishmael still had his doubts, he was showing affection which is important because he had not shown any in awhile, not that it was his fault, but because of

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