A Long Way Gone by; Ismael Beah Essay

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Shawn Goff Mrs. Wood Non-Fiction Essay 9/13/14 A Long Way Gone “A Long Way Gone” written by Ishmael Beah which is a memoir of his younger years, shows that one can achieve success no matter what circumstances one has to face. These obstacles that have aided his failures was also necessary for his success in obtaining his strength to survive. This story shows success in overcoming these problems that he is faced with. Ishmael experiences multiple emotions throughout his journey, some as a result of success and some as a root of immoral decisions. Ishmael finds himself doing things that he never expects himself to be doing. In this story he depicts external conflicts of his environment and how it creates internal conflicts within himself. Most of the conflicts in this story are considered to be internal and mental which are a direct result of the external conflicts that are involved with his environment. “I am pushing a rusty wheelbarrow in a town where the air smells of blood and burnt flesh” (Beah Chapter 2, p. 18) These external conflicts include life in poverty, running from the soldiers, and eventually becoming a soldier himself. Life in poverty is hard enough without having to worry about a civil war in your country, let alone around the corner from your village. And also having to flee from town to town in search for safety, leaves him in charge of finding ways to survive by any means necessary. “Things changed rapidly in a matter of seconds and no one had any control over anything. We had yet to learn these things and implement survival tactics, which was what it came down to.” (Beah Chapter 4, p. 29 His mental state of mind becomes a major internal conflict and also is a product of all the environmental conflicts that he is put through. His internal conflicts include not being able to go back home, not knowing what happened to his family, if the

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