A Long Way Gone Essay

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A Long Way Gone ‘’ You mean you saw people running around with guns and shooting each other?’’ ‘’Yes, all the time.’’ (Beah 1) A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah is about being a child growing up in the aspects of War and being affected by the war by actually being involved in it. The book is all about how children were becoming the ideal soldiers and cold blooded killers; as well as how children got out of war and get Away from truly terrible acts. In Sierra Leone, many children struggled to live. More or less, struggled to live even harder when the civil war came in to place in Sierra Leone. The author, Ishmael Beah’s village was being attacked while he was out with his friends. Ishmael, his friends, and his brother go from village to village in search of their families as well as shelter and food. "We scavenged every place, crack, crevice" (Beah 9) for the boys, it was a struggle to live. They had to do things that were way out of their morals and what they were taught growing up such as stealing from kids. Ultimately, the army captured the boys. The boys then turned into things they were afraid of turning into, Killers. What hurt them even more was, they were always taught violence was never the way to go and the boys were always very gentle and faithful. The army brainwashes Ishmael and his friends into believing that every kill they get would avenge their families deaths. The boys soldiers become addicted to many drugs to help them get over their emotions in the war and give them motivation to fight. Ishmael and the boys fought savagely. They never gave up nor shed a tear for deaths. The war swallowed them up and waged them to fight. Later, the lieutenant give the boy soldiers to UNICEF. Ishmael Beah, was taken to rehab. They try to

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