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Brandon Arn Dr. Marshall ENC1102 4 October 2014 The Values of Family A Long Way Gone is a memoir written by former child soldier Ishmael Beah. The memoir takes place during a civil war and begins when he, his brother, and his friends left his village of Mogbwemo, Sierra Leone to perform in a talent show in the nearby village of Mattru Jong. While gone, their village of Mogbwemo had been invaded by the rebels and their families lost. Throughout Beah’s journey he has adopted many families who have influenced his decisions, and gave him a reason to never give up on life In the beginning of Beah’s journey he had been with his father and his older brother, Junior. Beah was living with his father and his older brother because his parents were divorced, and his mother and younger brother lived in the next village. Beah’s parents wanted more for their children. When Beah’s brother Junior went to secondary school he brought back some rap cassettes which he got from his friends there. One of the last times Beah was around his father he was listening to and reciting rap music and his father came in and said “can you even understand what you are saying?” (Beah 7). Afterwards his father walked outside and tuned his radio to BBC News and sat in his hammock. He followed by saying, “Now this is good English, the kind you should to” (Beah 7). His father wanted his children to be educated and to be successful. Therefore, listening to the news they would know what is going on in the outside world and be educated by the language the newscaster would speak. When Beah’s father paid for him and his brother to go to school they would go and visit their mother every weekend since she lived in a village only 3 miles outside of Mattru Jong where there school was located. Since they stopped going to school they would visit her every two to three days. His mother had devoted herself

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