A Long Way Gone Essay

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12/09/2013 20TH Century Reflection Paper A Long Way Gone: Memories of a Boy Soldier Ishmael Beah, a kid who went through hell to survive from the civil war, which had his parents killed. Beah at the age 13, escaping from death, his childhood ended. He has to learn quickly how to survive out there in the forest. He will do anything to stay alive. He meets strangers along the way, who influenced him to get through this civil war, kids of his age who will become his friend and brothers. The law of survive will depend on how brave will this kids be and faith in surviving this civil war. Memories that will never be forgotten. I am going to start talking about his family. Beah definitely looked up to his older brother, Junior. Any son who has an older brother will look up to that person depending on what is that person is doing or somebody in his or her family. Beah didn’t looked up to his father because of what he has done it, cheating on his mother. She was a mother who loved her sons, taught Beah how to cook, something that helped him during his journey. Beah lose his brother early when rebels attack the village. He also never sees his brother Ibrahim. Alhaji is one I say had influenced on Beah survive. Alhaji, whose village was attacked, and never got to see his family again. He ran to the forest and found the group of teenagers and within them was Beah. They became friends and even after the war they were together. They were rescued together by UNICEF. They went through hell together. He is as strong and cold as Beah when they are fighting the rebels. But all they are trying to do is re finding their childhood. Esther is the other one I feel had a big influence on his survival. A UNICEF nurse who tries to win his trust and she wants him to win her trust. She helps him with his emotional barriers. She feels like she helping a family

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