A Long Way Gone Essay

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A Long Way Gone Children are seen as innocent, see life as white and black. having no worries other than the bad guys that are usually in the movies or stories, however never actually seen in life. This is where they look for their parents to security, love, and support. They think their parents are there to fight the mosters and save them or make sure they do their little chores not to get in trouble with their parents. They see life as easy because thier parents are able to provide them anything they want at anytime most importantly to be a role model.learning to be like the people they live with. Their goals in life is to have as much fun as they can and be amazing super hero or princess. However, they are still looking for the meaning of life and for the most part their oblivious to everything in life and are easier to manipulate. In spite of the meaning of chlidren life, Beah had represent a new meaning through his memoir, A Long way Gone. Ishmael beah shares his experiences from the conflicts within his country Sierra Leone. the different events that happened thoughtout his life such as having to lose his childhood to become a soldier, loosing his innocent self to become a mindless child soldier to a proper adult. Beah was so young was still looking for the means of life thoughout the war. “ junior, talloi, and i listened to rap music, trying to memorize the lyrics so that we could avoid thinking about the situation and hand” ( Beah 15). This shows that at the begining Ishmael didnt have to worry and he hadnt been mentally broken down by the war yet. He still did things for entertainment and was hopeful that everything would end. The rap tapes are a symbol of ishmael still being a kid and having innocent. He was still childish and it shows that his role was to still be youthful. He and his friends used the rap tapes and story telling like the Bras Spider

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