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A Long Way From Chicago Essay. Humor is used extensively in the novel, A long Way From Chicago. Richard Peck uses many types of humor throughout the entire book to help improve the story and get a good understanding of the characters. Some of these humor techniques include: amusing description, witty dialogue, and sarcasm. Amusing description is used everywhere in the book. When Joey and Mary Alice first go to Grandma's and meet Effie Wilcox, Grandma describes her as an “old humped-over lady with buck teeth.” Then, when Mrs. L.G. Weidenbach comes to Grandma's house to ask her if she would participate at the church sale, Joey describes her as, “a big-topped lady teetering in high-heeled shoes.” Finally, at the Centennial Celebration when Mrs. L.G. Weidenbach's nephew performs, “his hair was parted in the middle and he'd painted artificial freckles all over his moon face.” These examples help the reader understand how the character looked like. In the book, A Long Way From Chicago, many types of witty, or humorous, dialogue are used. When Grandma Dowdel takes the kids fishing, Joey says Grandma worked as “busy as a bird dog.” This is one of Grandma's favorite sayings. During the middle of the book, Mrs. Eubanks finds out that her daughter is somewhere inside the Dowdel house. When she comes to find her daughter, Grandma threatens her by saying, “if you set foot over that doorsill, I'll wring your red neck.” Mrs. Eubanks took her warning seriously and remained outside. When preparing for the Centennial Celebration, Joey is forced to wear Grandpa Dowdels wedding tuxedo. When he first sees the outfit, he says that he will “look like a horse's patootie.” These specific examples help the reader understand the characters personality. Richard Peck uses many phrases including sarcasm. This type of humor really gives the reader a closer look on Grandma because she

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