A Little Bit About Why Henry Split with Rome...

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Why did Henry the VIII break from Rome? Henry the VIII broke from Rome because of four main reasons: money, control and power, religion and succession. Some of the four main reasons are linked together as one is important for the other; one example is succession which is linked to power. By having a son he thought it would maintain his power at the throne when he was no longer ruler. I think that power was the most important reason. I think this because if he broke away from the Church of Rome, he could take control of the church. This meant that he could unlock the riches that the church held. By doing this he could pay for the wars he fought and the power he had over his people. He also would have more money to leave in the treasury, not only for himself but future generations. The money would lead to power; his greatest desire. To carry this power on he wanted it to be entrusted in a son. All the reasons link together to show his need for power as king. One of the reasons why Henry broke from the Roman Church was because... The reason Henry VIII wanted to break from Rome was that he wanted an annulment with his wife Catherine of Aragon because she could not bare him a male heir. However, the Pope would not allow Henry to get divorced. Henry then decided to break with Rome and make a new religion called Protestant in which he was Head of The Church Of England. Anyone who disputed him being head of the church were either dismissed from office, imprisoned or executed. Sir Thomas More was one of the people who refused to change religion and he was beheaded at Tower Hill in 1535. One result of Henry's break from Rome was his relationship with Spain and France. As they were both Catholic countries the Pope encouraged Francis I of France and Charles V of Spain to declare war on Henry as an enemy of the Church. In 1535 Henry gave Thomas Cromwell, his
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