A Literature Review on the Impact of Physical Activity on Obesity

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A literature review on the impact of physical activity on obesity Introduction The aim of this study is to review previous literature conducted on the effect of physical activity on people with obesity. The review will highlight the different methods of collecting data to identify obesity, the different obesity classifications, the health risks associated with people with obesity, the prevalence and increasing numbers of people diagnosed with obesity and the health strategies using physical activities that are advised and are in place. Method of literature selection For this review to select relevant journals computerised databases such as SportDiscus, PubMed, Google-Scholar and Ebsco were searched using the keywords ‘obesity’, ‘physical activity’, ‘exercise’ and ‘prevalence’. Firstly, most recent journals were identified, then looking back to older studies conducted at the earliest date in the year 2001. All studies identified were manually searched to determine relevance for inclusion in review. Studies were searched regardless of study design and method of study. What is obesity? Obesity and overweight are defined as a chronic condition due to an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health (World Health Organisation, 2006). Obesity is caused by an imbalance of caloric intake and energy expenditure. The body needs a certain amount of fat to carry out necessary tasks such as; storing energy, heat insulation and shock absorption. This required amount of fat can be defined as a ‘normal’ value by body mass index (BMI) or body fat percentage. The table below shows the values identified by the WHO used to identify overweight and obese people. | Body Mass Index | | Normal | Overweight | Obese | Both male and female | 18.5-24 | 25-29 | 30+ | Table 1. BMI | Body Fat % | | Normal | Obese | Male | 18-23 | >25 | Female |

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