A Literary Analysis Of Paul's Case By Willa Cather

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Emily Stewart ENGL 1302 Villarreal 04/03/2014 Paper 2 Rough Draft In Paul’s Case, author Willa Cather elaborates heavily on the temperament of a young man, Paul, and his struggle and triumphs in and around his home on Cordelia Street. Paul goes through the motions of life completely dissatisfied by his normal surroundings. School, his home on Cordelia Street, and most importantly, his father, all drive him into a hole of depression that he can only escape through arts. All though the arts–music, theatre, art– alone did not relate to Paul, the setting mixed with the arts “seemed to free some hilarious spirit within him” (Cather 126). Paul’s father, as described by Paul’s thoughts, is a wealthy business man who believes in…show more content…
The highly detailed thoughts written by Cather allow the reader to have a full understanding of who Paul is as a character. For example, the thoughts that cross Paul’s mind when he jumps in front of the train. Without the limited omniscience, the reader would finish the story thinking that Paul had no remorse for his actions; never knowing that he felt the “vastness of what he had left undone” (Cather…show more content…
The external conflict emerges from the men Paul’s father associates with and the expectations that are set for Paul. For example, Paul’s father speaks to a young man on the stoop of their porch in which he hopes Paul would follow. The young man “was a clerk to one of the magnates of a great steel corporation, and was looked upon in Cordelia Street as a young man with a future” (Cather 128). This expectation pushes Paul into a further depression, but he doesn’t take opportunity to express his wants creating the internal conflict that Paul

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