A Literary Analysis Of Ender's Game

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The death of millions could be caused by one misstep due to Ender.In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Ender Wiggin, the protagonist of the novel, shows with his triumphs and defeats that one can only successfully fight enemies that one understands. Ender shows this truth in his wins against his peers, his losses against adults, and his ability to win against the buggers. In each of these cases, understanding the enemy is a necessary part to do battle effectively and be successful. Ender reveals the importance of understanding his enemies when he fights his peers. The first classmate that Ender fights is Stilson. Stilson hates Ender and even has a gang with him to beat Ender up. Ender, however, understands how Stilson operates,…show more content…
When Ender engages in a physical combat with Mazer, an adult that tries to manipulate Ender, Ender lost because of his lack of understanding. Ender does not understand that his enemy would not be kind to him; he is caught off guard when Mazer first put Ender in a bind. After releasing Ender, Ender still did not understand that Mazer is his enemy and therefore Ender just stood still to be defeated once more. In fact, “In less than two seconds the old man had completely defeated Ender Wiggin” (304). In a psychological fight against the adults, Ender once again lost due to a major lack of understanding. Although Ender understood that the adults would not be nice to him, Ender did not know that he is unknowingly killing billions of buggers for the adults already. Ender, who did not want to fight the buggers, yet, is fighting them unknowingly, like a puppet for the adults. In this case, the adults were able to manipulate Ender, something Ender did not like. In fact, Ender thought that he has defeated the adults by defeating the bugger fleet on the simulator, when in reality it is the adults who won with their deception. Ender is so confused and fooled by this that he believes “It was his victory, not theirs, and a hollow one at that, a cheat” (340). With his losses against the adults, Ender shows that it is necessary to understand the enemy when one fights whether physically or…show more content…
During his fights against his peers, he understands that he has to win thoroughly. When he fought the adults, he did not understand the adults, causing him to lose. Finally, he defeats the buggers despite being outnumbered because the humans are a species that the buggers do not understand. Understanding is the key to being successful. Ender understands before making an insightful decision in order to be

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