A Life Without Cause Is a Life Without Effect Essay

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To start with, the writer will address the main problem at hand here; whether one should set a goal in his /her life or just go on about life without having any aims in life? As the writer himself belongs to the so-called generation ‘X’, one of the major reasons for not having a goal in life has to be lethargy, or just plain simple unwillingness to do anything productive. But, to be honest, just the act of setting a goal or having an aim in life is easy as majority of the population does it, taking the example of New Year Resolutions which last only as long as a toddler’s obsession with a new toy, the real problem arises in actually keeping your promise/word and following through with it. Another reason is that the person doesn’t know that he/she doesn’t know. The writer will explain this theory later. As it is often said, the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. Some people are of the opinion that life is too short and one should life just live in the moment and go wherever life takes them without having charted a course themselves, as what is supposed to happen will happen and no amount of human interference can alter or disrupt the divine ways of life. Before we get to the core problem, that is, setting a goal in life, we have to understand the actual meaning of life. This is a very debatable topic and it is very subjective. For some it could be amassing wealth and living an extravagant life, for some it might mean being able to manage three square meals a day for the person’s whole family. Therefore, life might mean different things to different people and you will come across some people who don’t have a single worry in the world and thus, will have no goal or aim to wake up to everyday either. So is their way of life wrong? Don’t we all enjoy the right of self-autonomy? If we do enjoy the

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