A Life Changing Experience

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It is true that nothing is too hard if you have the courage to yourself. Like me, I am a girl who greedily utters a word without respect to others. My family is the one who could understand me and gave advices for me to change for the better. Back in elementary, there was a time when I always teased my friends whenever I was around. They are always mad at me. When my teacher was not around I throw papers with my classmates and sometimes I made someone’s cry. Sometimes if my classmates borrowed something to me I don’t like to borrow my stuff to them because some are not turning it back and some stole it. My mother spoiled me a lot, she gave whatever I want. I am spoiled brat, arrogant and very annoying. I have so many enemies but I don’t mind them. Until one day all my friends gone they left me hanging in the air and they said bad things to me. I felt so alone. My mother said you should change yourself but then I’m not listening to her and I just continue my bad attitudes. When I was in Grade 4, my school held a communion. I don’t like to be part of it but my mom told me to join. Actually, it’s my first communion. I might say it changed me a lot. It took me realized to changed and leave the past for the better. It’s just like I am growing and came out of my shell as a Godly person. Jesus helped me to change in order to make myself at peace and my loved ones to be happy. I know that God is there always with me. Now, I can probably say that my faith in God really helps me a lot. I am learning how to get along with everybody and earned their respect. I apologized to my Friends and to my Family. I really want to be a good girl, make others happy and be a role model to the society. Lastly, as the Lord God as my captain I can make it through it

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