A Letter to You

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To the folks I know and the folks who know me, Thank you. Thank you for sculpting me into the human being I am today. Thank you for either hurting me, helping me, loving me, or hating me. As strange as this probably does sound, I am grateful. You see, if I haven’t involved myself with you I wouldn’t be the person who I am today. For example, (this may offend children or parents from divorced or separated families) my parents got divorced when I was about ten or eleven years old and in my experience, most girls and/or boys who’s parents are still happily married, (and I’m very glad that they are…. congrats) are in or were in as a child, some type of “popular” group. Now this might only be from my point of view or position, but in this case it did happen, and I am so grateful I was not in that “popular group” . I am also thankful for everyone in my parish community. Some of you have really irritated me (YOU MAKE ME WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT), but you have influenced me to not become… well, you. No matter how much I love or hate you, you have made my love for God stronger and have most certainly taught me something in life. Another group of people I am most definitely grateful for is my best friends and their families (you two know who you are). While one of them I have known since I was in kindergarten (I love you), the other I’ve known since fifth grade and we weren’t even talking at that point… (it really took me until seventh grade to consider him my ‘best friend’) They and their families have helped me realize time means nothing, and that nothing can be stronger than love for someone you truly care about. I am grateful for my mother, as she is also a very close friend of mine and most daughters cannot say the same. I am thankful for my brother, because he has been there for me no matter the obstacle I face. I deeply appreciate anyone and everyone

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