A Letter Of The First Impression In Sfsu

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My First Impression in SFSU Dear Esther, Hi! I am one of your students from English 201. It is my freshman year in San Francisco State University and I can still remember the first day when I came to SFSU, I felt very nervous and strange. Everything here is new to me and I don’t even have a friend to talk to, especially the classes that I have are all for native speakers, so I decided to transfer some of my classes to ESL classes. Since I was just graduated from high school, so for me campus is much larger than my high school and I need to come to every class with the map. All of my classes are in different buildings, and it always takes me a long time to get to another class. In fact, I don’t like here at all, because the classes were huge, teachers speak fast, no friends in the same classes with me. And since the classes are huge, I am afraid of asking questions in class. Although there are a lot of things that I don’t like in the campus, I still enjoy the food and environment here. There are many different kinds of food stores around the bookstore, and it just looks like a food court in a shopping mall, the food is also very delicious, especially the French fries and hot chocolate. And I always feel peaceful and comfortable when I walking through those lawns. I think I will be much better when I make more friends and catch up with others. Thank you for reading my letter. Sincerely,

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