A Letter in Response to Kushner

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Dear Kushner, I am so terribly upset to hear the news of your daughter. I understand you and your wife are going to experience a roller coaster of emotions in these next months, which is natural; However, I would like to encourage throughout these times of grief to take a look at a few of these models to help you gain a better understanding of why these events happened and derive some insight/comfort from the ones that relate to you. The Job Model speaks about how there is evil in the world and it is a mystery as to why its there. G-d is the only one with the knowledge as to why it is there and that we should learn to cope with our suffering while still holding our continuous belief in G-d. I believe this model could apply well to your situation. Instead of worrying about why this tragedy happened to you, trust that G-d knows what he is doing and your job is to cope with it. If this model doesn’t do it for you, I would like you to take a look at the Noah model. The Noah model believes that G-d always does what is always right and good actions will be rewarded, while bad ones will be punished. However I feel like this model may not apply to you because I know that you are a righteous man and I don’t believe G-d is punishing you for any bad actions, so lets take a look at some of the others. The Rabbi Yaakov model tweaks the Noah a model a bit by saying that reward/punishment only exists in the Olam Haba (afterlife). This model may comfort you in knowing that all your good deeds will be rewarded to you in the afterlife, but it still may not give you the satisfaction/closure that you are looking for since we are living in the present. The Sages model is also similar but instead believes that reward/punishment in this Olam Hazeh (this world) only. I don’t think this could really relate to your situation because I don't believe you are destined to any form of

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