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IES Joan Alcover Avda. Alemanya 14 Palma de Mallorca September 2012 Dear Barbara, My name is Anderson Zaruma Montero, I'm fourteen years old and this will be my fourth year studying at Joan Alcover high school. I'm not from here I was just born in Equador. Even though I was born in Equador I was only for three years. Since I travelled to Spain I have lived in Palma de Mallorca with my mum and my three younger brothers. One is studying in this school and is called Cristian, the other is in a primary school and is called Joan and finally the other is at the nursery and is called Alex.The reason I'm not with my dad is because unfortunately he died last year but gradually I get over my dad's deadth. Well talking about something else I'll tell you more about me as I like reading very much , listening to music and playing volleyball. My favourite subject is Biology and my hobby is playing hockey. I play hockey in Plaza de Patines, I have played hockey since I was eleven. As you said in the letter that you wrote before this is my final year of secondary school. This school year I suppose will be more difficult than last year. I would like to meet new people as last year I met a good friend. He's David and this year I'm also in class with him. But I'm also in class with more people who I met in Primary and Secondary. I'm sure this year I'll meet new people and I'll have a good time as well as some bad times. I hope you like this letter and all the best for this school-year. Anderson Zaruma

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