A Lesson Learned Essay

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English A Lesson Learned! One 6th grade morning I was very tired and sleepy when I woke up so I didn’t want to go to school. I asked my mother to stay home but she said “No.” That made me not want to go even more but I had no choice. I walked to the bus stop and waited on my bus then finally the bus pulled up. I thought to myself, “I guess I have no choice but to go.” When I got to the school I walked over to the gym where all of my friends were. I sat down on the bleachers and began to have a conversation. “Let’s leave school,” one my friends suggested. His suggestion became one of the main focuses of our conversation. Everyone was like let’s go to Chris’s house and go to sleep. Hearing that was like music to my ears. I was sleepy and ready to go. We all stood up and left though the back door exit in the gym. As we reached Chris’s house we were all very happy that we didn’t get caught. We all ate some sandwiches and went to sleep. We slept for a couple hours then we woke up at about eleven something. We had to make another plan because Chris had remembered that is mother get off work at 12:30 on Fridays. We all talked and planned to go back to the school. We were going to wait for everyone to come out for recess and try to blend in. As we begin to walk, a truck pull out of its drive way and a man got out and said, “Can one of y’all please pick up my garbage can, thank you.” After one of my friends picked it up the man said these exact words, “Why the f**k y’all not in school?” Everyone was speechless so he said, “Okay I’m to take y’all to school myself.” We reached the school and he walked us in to the office. The principal suspended us for five days. He sent all of my friends home before me but when they all left he told

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