A Lesson Before Dying Symbolism Analysis

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Within many literary works and films the author implants different symbols that stand out to the reader or the viewer and last in their minds throughout the entire story. A symbol by definition is an object that has both literal function and deeper meaning. In the movie, A Lesson Before Dying, there are a few symbols that stand out to me such as the globe, the radio, and the notebook. The globe first presented itself in the classroom when Grant Wiggins went to visit Vivian in her classroom and she explained to him what her children had been doing and the different places they told her they wanted to go. That was one of the first times you heard Grant say he wanted to leave just as soon as he could get out he was going to leave and he wanted to take Vivian with him. The next day in his classroom he introduced the globe to his students; he spun the globe and told them to pick a place on the globe. The children picked the…show more content…
It is not a fancy spiral notebook it is a regular composition notebook with a #2 pencil. Grant tells Jefferson that if he ever has something that he wants to talk about but can’t find the words to say it he can write it in the notebook and they can discuss it when he comes for his visits. Jefferson’s notebook is the viewer’s only glimpse into the inner workings of his mind. In it, Jefferson reflects on his connection to the rest of society and the injustice of his situation in a way that contributes to his transformation. He explains how when he was out in the world no one ever cared for him or about him but now that he is behind bars and about to be executed it seems as if the whole town cares for him. I believe a pivotal moment in the movie was when the Sheriff asked to see Jefferson’s notebook and he read a section out of it and instead of slamming it down he kindly hands it back to him and walks away. As if to say with those words you are a man not just a
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